Ameglia is a municipality in the province of La Spezia, located in Val di Magra, almost on the border with Tuscany.
It is entitled to be included among the beauties of the Eastern Liguria, thanks to its landscapes, the hills and the plains which have developed together with the wide fluvial areas and the quiet coasts; the hamlet is built around the castle and the circular tower, surrounded by a lush vegetation, clung to the top of a hill, with the promontory Carpione that protects its shoulders.
Ameglia overlooks the valley, the last stretch of the right bank of the River Magra, and the moorings of Bocca di Magra, a famous place among yachtsmen.
Where the mountains meet the sea, in an area of a few square kilometres, we find sandy beaches on the east side and steep cliffs overlooking the west, this peaceful place is called Punta Bianca.
The municipality includes four hamlets, to be precise Bocca di Magra, Cafaggio, Fiumaretta and Montemarcello.
Bocca di Magra is the most enjoyable of the four villages, it is located by the river, at the foot of Ameglia, in the 1950s it was a famous summer gathering place for writers and intellectuals such as Marguerite Duras, Albe Steiner and Italo Calvino.
Right in front of Bocca di Magra, we find Fiumaretta a charming seaside place, where we can discover beaches, often frequented by windsurf lovers.
Cafaggio is located in between and has traces of its ancient necropolis, dating to the age of iron, last but not least Montemarcello, a fortified little village of Roman origins, located in the heart of Mount Carpione.
Ameglia borders to the north and east with the municipality of Sarzana, to the south with the Ligurian Sea and to the west with Lerici.
The whole territory is part of the Natural Regional Park of Montemarcello Magra.
The historic centre of Ameglia can be visited entirely on foot, there is the parish church of Saints Vincenzo and Pasquale and the seventeenth century oratory of N.S. Assunta. You must pay a visit to the castle, an important episcopal property, excellently kept, that was once the premises of the town hall.
Bocca di Magra and Fiumaretta are by the river Magra, they both compete the first place for tourist offer, with hamlets like Cinque Terre; Bocca di Magra has also a dock for pleasure boats and charter services.
Montemarcello can be reached also from Ameglia, by bike, but it is located up hill.
If Ameglia does not skimp as scenic effect, in Montemarcello the echo of medioeval achievements is even more marked: it is not by chance that the village obtained an award in 2007 as one of the most beautiful villages of italy. An ideal gathering place of this village, a sort of Roman castrum, is Piazza XIII Dicembre, during the summer it is liven up by concerts and enternaining activities.

A little history

Ameglia boasts with pride, the typical Medioeval origins of a hamlet of the Magra Valley. Its history, however is very ancient and dates back to the fourth century B.C., there is evidence of its past, thanks to a necropolis in Cafaggio and to some objects found; a proof that the village was an important maritime trade centre, as well as it traded in the Apuan Alps.



The whole territory of the municipality of Ameglia is part of the Natural Regional Park of Montemarcello-Magra, established in 1995, from the union of the Fluvial Park of Magra, established in 1982, and the Protected Area of Montemarcello, established in 1985, which has a great variety of landascapes.


Places of Interest

An interesting place to visit in Ameglia is located right in the centre, it’s the parish church of Saints Vincenzo and Anastasio, it was built in the fith century on the remains of an ancient church, the building looks modern, the facade has grey stones, and a magnificent rose window, plus a marble bas rilief on the main portal.


Accommodation, Tourism and Events

On Sunday 15 May there is the celebration of the Patron Saint of Fiumaretta, Saint Isidoro, there is also a local market and entertainment.
Saint Pasquale is the Patron Saint of Ameglia and is celebrated every year on 17 May. Pro Loco and other local associations organize excursions in the Gulf of Poets.


The cuisine

As tradition, the cuisine in this area has remained simple and genuine over the years, it stands out for the use of poor ingredients, often leftovers, but not less tasty. Aromatic herbs and extra vergin olive oil are the main dressings, red meat is often replaced by fish, daily catch.


The Real Estate market in Ameglia

The territory of the Municipality of Ameglia is located in Val di Magra on the Ligurian border with Tuscany, it includes apart from the administrative centre and its historic area, Bocca di Magra, Fiumaretta, and last but not least the charming hamlet of Montemarcello, all these places are so different from one another, but at the same time very fascinating.



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