Vernazza is a wonderful village situated on the west coast of Liguria,between Monterosso al Mare and Corniglia, that is part of its municipality, it is the second hamlet starting from the west. It boasts an ancient maritime tradition, and is characterized by peculiar terraces used as vineyards, a comfortable, natural, safe port- It is one of the hamlets of the Cinque Terre and is part of the Province of La Spezia.

The Cinque Terre are five little villages, clung to the rocks, their names can be remembered like a nursery rhyme: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, the villages have been isolated for centuries, due to the difficulty to reach this area, which has helped to preserve the beauty of a unique landscape. Vernazza, for its part, stretches along the stream Vernazzola, now covered, rising on the slopes of a rocky spur.

The village is characterized by the typical Genoese tower-houses, gathered around the main square, and by a dense network of hiking trails, one of which connects the area to Val di Vara. Two beautiful beaches complete the scenery, while at 325 metres above the sea level there is the sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Reggio, a popular place of prayer for the locals. The municipality consists of the village of Drignana, Muro, Prevo San Bernardino and, indeed, Corniglia. Vernazza is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Pignone, Beverino and Riccò del Golfo, to the west by Pignone and Monterosso al Mare and to the east by Riomaggiore, and by the sea to the south. The territory is part of the Cinque Terre National Park.

A little History

The name of the village comes from the Latin adjective verna, meaning “of the place”, or “native”. This term was then used to indicate the wine Vernaccia, which was produced in the ancient village and was therefore famous for being the “local” wine, and the current name of Vernazza.



With the aim of protecting and safeguarding the nature that surrounds this idyllic stretch of coast, in 1999 the Cinque Terre National Park was established, which follows the work of the institution of the Marine Protected Area. The sea is the natural resource that, undoubtedly, best represents the territory: the protected area covers the whole area that goes from Punta Mesco, to Monterosso, up to Capo Montenero, above Riomaggiore.


Places of Interest

Both inside and outside the village, there are plenty of attractive places and charming buildings. A must is a visit to the square located close to the small harbour, stop in the clearing known as “u cantu de musse”, ” chatting corner”, a traditional gathering place for the inhabitants of Vernazza. Restaurants, souvenir shops and anything else necessary for the most fashionable people can be found in Via Roma, plus the typical charming Ligurian landscape, full of colourful houses, clothes hung in the sun to dry, and slate portals of the early twentieth century.


Accommodation, tourism and events

The whole territory is crossed by many paths, with different degrees of difficulty, which allow walkers to spend a day pleasantly, discovering the Cinque Terre and their most hidden hamlets. The most important event in Vernazza is the Patronal Feast to celebrate Saint Mary of Antioch, which is celebrated on 20 July.


The Cuisine in Vernazza

As well as in the rest of the Eastern Riviera, the cuisine in Vernazza is simple, with few farmed meats used, due to the morphology of the territory. The typical dishes, however are not few, and range from the culinary tradition based on fish and shellfish, to meat and products such as mushrooms, preserves, vegetables from the kitchen garden, and above all the aromatic herbs, that can be found easily in the surrounding nature.



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Explore the Cinque Terre

In the eastern part of Liguria, there is a unique and unbowed territory, hang between the sky and the sea that will leave you astonished, it has always enchanted with its charm, believe me there are no other places like this in the world.
It is located on the eastern coast of Liguria, with a lush vegetation and overlooking the sea, known as “Cinque Terre”.