Riomaggiore is the first village that you see coming from La Spezia.
Genoa made the area safe, and for this reason the inhabitants left the hills and moved to the valley in year 1000, giving birth to the hamlet by the seafront, there are rumors about the possibility that some Greek refugees created the inhabited the area of Montenero.
Clinged to the rocks, with railings and porticos, stretched on a straight axis where steep steps lead to terraced hills, in years the inhabitants lefts the hills and the hard work in the fields, even if viticulture has had a main role, the Natural Area developed between the Promontory of Punta Mesco on the west and Capo di Montenero on the east, it has become a popular tourist destination for all kind of tourists from all over the world.
When you get off the train go through the tunnel, then down towards the marina, and to the left, near the Cinque Terre ferry landing, there is a bathing area. Another charming beach is that of Canneto, located between Punta Castagna and Punta Cavo, you can only reach it on foot, there is a strip of pebbles and a natural waterfall that comes from the hill. We have to point out that the sea gets quite deep in Riomaggiore, so be careful when you go swimming. This village lived exclusively on agriculture, in particular vine cultivation, it helped the local economy to developed in the Cinque Terre; the beauty of the terraced hills, the hard work of the past generations, have transformed these steep slopes cultivable, the village of Riomaggiore welcomes tourists from all over the world, eager to challenge these hard and unique places.


Edition 2014

Explore the Cinque Terre

In the eastern part of Liguria, there is a unique and unbowed territory, hang between the sky and the sea that will leave you astonished, it has always enchanted with its charm, believe me there are no other places like this in the world. It is located on the eastern coast of Liguria, with a lush vegetation and overlooking the sea, known as “Cinque Terre”.

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