Cornelius, a Roman settler was the owner of some well known vineyards, gave the name to the village of Corniglia, re-proposing its Roman origins. Some amphoras of the gentle man were found in Pompeii. The inland is an amazing place, but also the rich marine biodiversity of the seabed, or its scented lemons, are well appreciated, they are used for making slushs and spend unforgettable afternoons in the square.
The best places for swimming are the beaches in Guvano, just under a wide rocky ridge, a well known destinations for nudists from all over the world.
Reaching Corniglia takes its time, if you want to go on foot, from the train station or the beach, you need good legs to go up the 377 steep “Lardarina”steps, if you want to avoid the carriage way.
Even if Corniglia is the only of the five villages that it’s not by the sea, you can easily reach the coast, going down the hill on foot, follow the sign Corniglia-Vernazza (the cost of the path is 3 euros), or from the train station in Corniglia, through the tunnel of the former Genoa-La Spezia railway line, there is the famous nudist beach, a popular place since 1970s. While you’re in Corniglia, you must absolutely visit the church of Saint Pietro, located inland, in the upper part of the village. If you need a break you can stop at Bar Terza Terra, overlooking the crystal blue waters, right next to the panoramic terrace of Santa Maria, you will find many excellent cocktails and Ligurian snacks at reasonable prices.

Explore the Cinque Terre

In the eastern part of Liguria, there is a unique and unbowed territory, hang between the sky and the sea that will leave you astonished, it has always enchanted with its charm, believe me there are no other places like this in the world. It is located on the eastern coast of Liguria, with a lush vegetation and overlooking the sea, known as “Cinque Terre”.

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