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Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante is a little seaside town on the Italian Eastern Riviera a stretch of coast which starts on the Magra estuary, near La Spezia and continues as far as Genoa, the provincial capital of Sestri Levante.

The town is the last locality to face east on the gulf of Tigullio, which is home also to Lavagna, Chiavari, Rapallo, Zoagli, Santa Margherita and Portofino.

To the west of Sestri Levante lies Lavagna, and to the east Casarza and Moneglia. Riva Trigoso is close by to the south east, appreciated for its characteristic views, its tasty fish soup Bagnum and its vast shore.

The beaches and the little port of Sestri, internationally known for its craftsmen and its trading history, is also known as the “city of two seas”, the old town being situated between two small bays, known to the locals as the bays of “Fairy tales” and of “Silence”.

This sunny place originated from the alluvial plain of the river Gromolo and lies behind a rocky promontory, “l’Isola”, the area that divides the Bay of Fairy Tales from the Bay of Silence. The former houses the tourist port, and the latter, smaller, is famous for its beautiful sunsets.

Between these two bays is the ancient centre of Sestri; the new town occupies the plain of the Gromolo. It stretches between the sea and the woods and hills, over the lower valleys of Graveglia and Petronio.

The faithful visitor of the 1800s, Hans Christian Anderson, named one of the two bays, Sestri Levante has bestowed his name on the literary prize, created for children’s literature. From this arose the prestigious name “the City of Children”.

Leaving the centre of Sestri Levante there are numerous footpaths for excursions. Starting from Via XXV April and walking east, in a couple of hours one arrives at Punta Manara, the end of the Gulf of Tigullio.

Monte Castello and Punto Baffe are both worth a walk, and give way to the road that leads to Moneglia. In the ancient centre of Sestri it is best to walk, being mostly a pedestrian precinct, well kept, with many shops hidden in the narrow Genoese style streets.

A little history

The first settlements of Sestri belong to the ancient Liguri, in particular to the Tigulli tribe, who gave the area its present name. Confirmation of this comes from archeological findings in the areas of Loto and Libiola, which have shown us that there was mining in prehistoric times.



The abundance of typical Mediterranean vegetation is the key feature of the area, as are the pines leaning over the rocky cliffs going straight down to the sea. They soften the colour of the strawberry trees and blend with the paler colours of holm oaks and chestnut trees.The landscape of the Levante Riviera, however is not all the same.


Places of Interest

There are many churches in Sestri Levante, but we will concentrate on the most important ones.
The basilica of Santa Maria of Nazareth is of unquestioned beauty, an excellent example of a renaissance building, situated in the town centre next to the town hall. The construction of the basilica took place after the final consolidation of the Isola, when the expansion of Sestri made the old church of San Nicolò too small and unsafe.


Accommodation, Tourism and Events

A holiday in Sestri is a holiday at the sea. One of the most loved beaches is Rena, the first after “Galleria di Moneglia” looking towards the town. The proximity of the ship yards doesn’t interfere with its beauty and is frequented by traditional families, who like its sandy beach, and more adventurous people who go to the sun soaked rocks.


The cuisine

In spite of its harshness, Liguria is known to be rich in produce, overwhelming us with its Mediterranean tastes and scents. In Sestri Levante it is easy to discover them in the traditional Genoese cooking.
When thinking of Liguria, we have to start with focaccia, either plain or filled, or the variation with cheese from Recco and baked in a wood oven.


The Real Estate market

Sestri Levante, has always been, in the last 30 years, one of the best estate markets in Italy, the right place where to invest; the demonstration can be found if we look at the market trend as from 2011, practically when the global financial crisis started to date. Statistcs published on “Il Sole 24 Ore”, show our small town in the 14th position in Italy as regards average prices, 8.400,00 € per sqm.



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Explore the Baie del Levante

It is commonly said that Liguria is a rough and mountainous territory, a narrow crossroad with trails facing the rough fishy sea. This is partly true, but also the opposite is true, in fact where the territory of the Cinque Terre ends, the land becomes easier to cross, leaving behind steep slopes and straw yellow vineyards, in fact we find coves and beaches alternated to cliffs and dreamy bays.
We identify this pleasant interlude of lands, worthy, yet still not fully acknowled, like the neighbouring Cinque terre, with the name Baie del Levante – Eastern Bays