The east coast of Liguria, which is part of the province of La Spezia, after the arch of the Cinque Terre is called Riviera Spezzina and is mainly composed of four villages: Levanto, Bonassola, Framura, Deiva Marina.
Nestled in the east Riviera (Riviera di Levante), Levanto takes the name after this area, and is considered as the entrance door to the Cinque Terre (the five sisters), an amazing example of advanced landascape development.
Closed inside a natural niche similar in characterists and advantages to the one of La Spezia (forty kilometres far away), the village is in the centre of a picturesque valley, and is protected on two sides by Punta Mesco and Punta di Levanto, both territories are situated in a wonderful landscape covered by the green of the olive tree groves and vineyards.
Levanto has just over five thousand inhabitants, letting plenty of well designated space to the thriving tourism. However we mustn’t neglet the existence of the small hamlets, gathered around its municipality; they are a proper lively and vibrant reality: each one has maintained its old identity colours, name but also the structure.
Following the road half way on the coast, that connects the villages, starting from the Convent of Annunziata, the tourists may reach Lizza, Lavaggiorosso, Groppo and Dosso. Passing from the other side, on the central ridge we reach the village of Montale, that was in the past, an old centre of the valley and further down Casella. On the side ridge there are Ridarolo, Legnaro, Chiesanuova, Fontona, Pastine and Vignana.

A little history

Documents of the roman age prove that the village of Levanto already exhisted at that time, it was probably known as the small hamlet of Ceula. It was a key point of great importance, as it was located on the old via Ligure that went from the hinterland to the coast.



What makes Levanto so special is an ancient bond between sea and mountain, the thin sand and the piedomont hill.
It is part of the territory of the Park of the Cinque Terre and also of Riviera Spezzina, offers, to the careful visitor, two magnificent views, that go from the marine protected area to the park covered with pine groves, that never cease to amaze.


Places of Interest

A curious thing about Levanto, is the possibility of visiting on foot all its main places of interest, following an itinerary that completes the village in a triptyque of town, sea and nature. The centre of the small town contains the oldest part of the village, that still maintains the city walls and the entrance gates that marked the borders and have becone wider, as time passed, the castle, the medioeval dock, the loggia and the roads that led “outside town”.


Accommodation, Tourism and Events

We have already mentioned the importance of Levanto among the circuit of “CittaSlow” towns, but if its delicious dishes are worth to mention, we have to give the same importance to its focaccia.
We certainly know that of Recco, yet the soft dough and the stuffing with anchovies, onions or potatoes, makes this Levanto dish a suitable tasty snack to take to the beach or when we go along the quiet foot paths.


The Cuisine

Even Levanto takes advantage, from the perfect Ligurian tradition of the products and of the land, displaying on the table, the best of its vegetable gardens, its daily catch and why not also the skills of its housewives.
There are in fact many olive oil mills, cooperatives and cheese factories that have shops in the valley, with convenient offers and prices; salami, cakes and pies, stews without forgetting the crunchy focaccia, the onions from Pignone, the well kept secret recipes, made by the skillfull hands of the local women.



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Explore the Baie del Levante

It is commonly said that Liguria is a rough and mountainous territory, a narrow crossroad with trails facing the rough fishy sea. This is partly true, but also the opposite is true, in fact where the territory of the Cinque Terre ends, the land becomes easier to cross, leaving behind steep slopes and straw yellow vineyards, in fact we find coves and beaches alternated to cliffs and dreamy bays.
We identify this pleasant interlude of lands, worthy, yet still not fully acknowled, like the neighbouring Cinque terre, with the name Baie del Levante – Eastern Bays